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This Is Us

Where passion meets perfection in the art of sourdough bread baking.


The Best Bread
in the City

Theya Bakery has become a beloved institution renowned for its expertise in crafting the finest sourdough bread you'll ever taste. Our journey began with a deep love for the age-old tradition of sourdough, and over the years, we've perfected the craft, achieving a harmonious balance of flavor, texture, and aroma. But we offer more than just bread; we take pride in our selection of artisanal pastries and delightful confections that are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Peace goes into the making of a poem... flour goes into the making of bread

Our Fame Extends To The Bustling Brunch Scene

Where our delectable offerings are centered around the foundation of our artisanal bread. Whether you're seeking the perfect loaf or indulging in a leisurely weekend brunch, Theya Bakery welcomes you to savor the irresistible flavors of our bakery creations. Join us in celebrating the timeless allure of sourdough, where every bite tells a story of dedication and a commitment to culinary excellence.


In THEYA, we understand the importance of tradition in the art of baking. Every bread we bake for you is a result of love, care, and a process that keeps our traditions alive. We offer our customers bread that not only fills the home with a wonderful aroma but also recalls the taste of traditional baking.


By choosing THEYA, you choose genuine flavor, quality, and health. We take pride in bringing tradition to your table, a bread that tells a story filled with taste and passion. The careful selection of ingredients is key to creating our products that stand out in terms of taste and quality. For this reason, we always choose the best raw materials, ensuring a product of high standards.



THEYA Sourdough White Bread
24h Fermentation

2kg | 1kg | 700gr | 500gr | 100gr



THEYA Sourdough Whole Grain Bread
24h Fermentation

2kg | 1kg | 700gr | 500gr | 100gr



THEYA Sourdough "Village" White & Whole Grain Bread
24h Fermentation

2kg | 1kg | 700gr | 500gr | 100gr




This particular bread has a high content of oats, hard durum wheat, and honey. It is a bread that combines delicious taste with nutritional value, designed for those who appreciate a healthy diet without wanting to sacrifice the authentic enjoyment of bread.



Dinkel bread is made from ancient and nutritious spelt wheat, also known as wild wheat. It has a sweet, slightly spicy aroma, a rich flavor, and a crisp texture. While it contains gluten, it is considered easily digestible by some individuals who are sensitive to wheat gluten. It is a choice for those who appreciate the taste and benefits of ancient wheat in their bread.



The Eight-Seed Bread includes eight different types of seeds (oats, bran, barley, wheat, spelt, flaxseed, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds). It has a rich flavor and texture, providing a nutritious option for those seeking bread that combines healthiness with great taste.

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